Make a donation to the German Doctors

Make a donation to the German Doctors

Make a donation to the German Doctors

Make a donation to the German Doctors

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We would be pleased to help you. Our donation service is open on workdays from 9 to 5. Contact us directly or send us an Email:

0049 (0)228/387597-16

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Bank für Sozialwirtschaft
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Business donations

Business Donations - German Doctors e.V.

Companies from highly different sectors are involved with the German Doctors. Become one of our partners combatting critical medical shortages!

Donations for special occasions

Donations for Special Occasions - German Doctors e.V.

An increasing number of people are requesting a donation instead of a present when they hold a celebration. They share their pleasure and help the needy.

Large donations

Large Donations - German Doctors e.V.

There are many good reasons to apply your wealth to achieve social goals. Share your ideas with us - we will support you!

Donate dental gold

Donate gold fillings - German Doctors e.V.

Would your dental practice like to support us? Would you like to give us your old gold fillings? You can find out about this unusual way to make a donation here.

Condolence donations

Condolence Donations - German Doctors e.V.

Every death constitutes a serious loss for the bereaved. You can provide hope for others with a condolence donation.

Frequently asked questions

Is the German Doctors a serious aid organization?

Donating meaningfully means you can be sure that your donation supports the projects of a trustworthy organization. The German Doctors has fulfilled the requirements for a charitable and benevolent organization since 1992 and was therefore awarded the DZI Donation Seal , which certifies the responsible handling of entrusted resources. We are a member of the Initiative for a Transparent Society and have voluntarily imposed a number of additional commitments on ourselves. We also make thorough reports on our activities and finances available annually.

What are unrestricted donations?

Unrestricted donations, which are not declared for a specific project, are used in areas where the people need our help most. Unrestricted donations save administrative costs and are easier to plan. We can support projects which are not currently prominent in the media. Restricted donations are only used for the specified project. However you decide, whoever wishes to make a meaningful donation has made a good choice with the German Doctors.

What are the advantages of a regular donation?

Regular donations make our worldwide medical aid plannable and lower administrative costs. You can arrange your regular donation online with our donation form. You can cancel your regular donation at any time and with no time limits. This is a service offered by serious charities.

When will I get my donation receipt?

Since April 2014 we have issued annual donation receipts to save administrative costs and ensure that a major portion of donations is used for the needy worldwide. Every donor will receive an annual receipt for all donations from the previous year at the beginning of February. You donation is not only meaningful; you can also deduct it from your taxes!

How can I change my personal data?

If you have, for example, moved or gotten married, we will need your current address to ensure that you receive your donation receipt. If there has been a change in your personal data, please inform us by telephone at +0049 (0)228/387597-16 or by E-Mail to our donation service.

If we haven’t already answered your question, you can find answers to further frequently-asked questions under FAQ.

What your donation achieves

Being born in a developing country usually means living a life in poverty and disease. The German Doctors advocates an enduring improvement in living conditions. Support us in this goal with your donation:

  • Providing health - help us provide sick people with medical care.
  • Giving perspectives – give children a chance to live a healthy life get an education, and grow up without violence.
  • Help people help themselves – support training of skilled local personnel to sustainably improve conditions in whole regions.

German Doctors help worldwide

We believe in the right of every human being to get medical care no matter their origin. Therefore our volunteer German Doctors offer medical treatments in developing countries for the poorest of the poor. Whether people infected with HIV, undernourished children deficiency syndromes or people with chronic diseases, we help everyone who needs help.

Our doctors work during their annual leave or retirement for a period of six weeks and waive any compensation. More than 7000 missions with more than 3200 doctors were completed since 1983.