Make a big difference with a big donation

Make a big difference with a big donation

Make a big difference with a big donation

Make a big difference with a big donation

Provide sustainable aid with a large donation

A large donation to the German Doctors has many advantages

You would like to help with a large donation? Philanthropic engagement can have many motivations. Tell us about your ideas! We will support you as a substantial donor to realize your personal conception of sustainable engagement in medical aid:

  • Personal advice and individual implementation: together we can find a project with which you as a substantial donor can identify. Disease has many different aspects, and so does medical aid. Your donation can save children’s lives in Bangladesh, heal people suffering from tuberculosis, or provide medical aid in places where the next doctor is located hours away. Whatever project you choose to support, your substantial donation to us will certainly have a sustainable effect.
  • Transparency and trust: we will definitely keep you informed about the developments in your project, regardless of whether you make one big contribution or take on responsibility for a project for several years. You will always know what your substantial donation has achieved.
  • Your money will be spent wisely: We have had more than 30 years of experience in cooperative development aid. The DZI Donation Seal gives you additional security that we handle resources donated to us responsibly.

We will gladly advise you about how you can help and where your support is most urgently needed. Together we can identify which form of financial engagement best suits you, e.g., a large single donation, a foundation, or naming us in your testament.

Do you have any questions?

Matthias Renner - Unternehmenskooperationen

Matthias Renner will be pleased to help you:

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We will gladly answer your questions about large donations

Whoever has a large amount to donate naturally wants to be well informed. Therefore, we answer the most important questions concerning large donations.

What is a large donation?

A donation is a voluntary contribution of money or goods without getting anything in return. It can, for example, be for a religious, charitable, cultural, or political purpose and is directed, among others, to religious communities, foundations, or aid organizations, like the German Doctors. There is no clear definition of a large donation; it is defined differently by every organization. A large donor is whoever makes an unusually large donation either once or cumulative over a certain amount of time, thereby making the realization of larger projects quickly possible.

Why is a large donation important to the German Doctors?

Every person has the right to medical care, regardless of his/her origins. Unfortunately, however, misery and illness are part of everyday life in developing countries. Doctors voluntarily perform missions for the German Doctors all over the world to help people who need them. This is sometimes a matter of life or death. You can make a big difference with a large donation by helping thousands of people all at once and supporting us in creating a sustainable medical infrastructure. Your donation arrives where it is needed most!

How can your donation be deducted from your taxes?

A donation to the German Doctors is accepted as support for a charitable cause and is therefore deductible. You just need a donation receipt, which you get from us. You not only do good, you also have a tax advantage.

Do you have any other questions concerning a large donation? Your contact person, Matthias Renner, will be happy to help you.



Your donation arrives!

The Donation Seal of the German Central Institute for Social Issues (Deutsches Zentralinstitut für soziale Fragen, DZI) confirms the responsible handling of entrusted means. The German Doctors e.V. has received this seal for over 20 years.


German Doctors help worldwide

We believe in the right of every human being to get medical care no matter their origin. Therefore our volunteer German Doctors offer medical treatments in developing countries for the poorest of the poor. Whether people infected with HIV, undernourished children deficiency syndromes or people with chronic diseases, we help everyone who needs help.

Our doctors work during their annual leave or retirement for a period of six weeks and waive any compensation. More than 7000 missions with more than 3200 doctors were completed since 1983.