Income and Expenses

As a charitable organization, we are mainly financed through donations, grants from the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, and other government agencies, plus money from fines and penalties which have to be paid to good causes. The costs for administrative work, PR, and recruiting donations (totaling 16.32% of all costs) are partly covered by a support group consisting mainly of doctors.



The total volume of earnings was TEUR 8,642 in 2018 compared with TEUR 9,059 in 2017.

Earnings 2018 German Doctors

The cash equivalents made available to us by our donors, at TEUR 4,628 are significantly lower than in the previous year. The donations of other organizations are also below the value of the previous year. The discounts and fines are unchanged compared to the previous year. These receipts, like the receipts from special promotions, can only be influenced to a limited extent by us. The income from federal funds corresponds to the budgeted figures for 2018.



Expenses (for personnel, amortizations, and other expenses) totaled TEUR 7,846 in 2018. According to the procedure recommended by the German Central Institute for Social Questions (DZI), we classified our expenses in the business year 2018 as follows:

Expenses 2018 German Doctors

Through public relations (PR) and fundraising we aim to make our organization known to the public and maintain the volume of donations needed to finance our projects. We spent 12.25% of total expenses for PR and fundraising in 2018.

It goes without saying that we deal with the money entrusted to us responsibly. We take into consideration that we are a charity in the remuneration of our colleagues and both managing directors. Salaries lie within limits common in charities. A total of € 161,569 (gross salary) was paid to the two managing directors in 2018. The amount of remuneration of the remaining colleagues depends on the level of responsibility in the respective position, experience, seniority and age. This resulted in annual salaries ranging from € 14,000 to € 56,000 in 2018.

A total of 83.68% of our expenses went into projects and benefited the people in our project countries directly. Expenses in this area can be classified as follows:


Expenses for Projects 2018 German Doctors

Expenses for medical projects

These constitute the focal point of our activities. We supported nine projects in five countries in 2018. The extent and priorities of these medical projects vary greatly, which is expressed in the magnitude of financial means invested in these medical projects.

Expenses for medical projects 2018

Expenses for supplementary projects

Aside from medical projects, we engage in 15 supplementary projects which are closely related thematically and spatially with the medical work performed by our voluntary doctors. These include, for example, the Pushpa Home and the St. Thomas Home, both tuberculosis hospitals in Calcutta, and our HIV program in Nairobi. The expenses for supplementary programs during the previous three years according to the recipient country are as follows:

Expenses supplementary projects 2018

Moreover, we perform wide-ranging help through partners in the areas of child raising, agrarian economy and environment, health, credit programs, disaster aid, social work, and community development in 46 partner projects in 16 countries (2018). The support ranges from a single contribution of € 500 to a four-year development project with a financial volume of € 700,000. The large partner projects are co-financed by the national government organisations, above all by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), which contributes 75% and our organization, 25% of the financing. The other partner projects are financed by industry or private support groups.

The organisation’s annual financial statements including bookkeeping are regularly examined by a certified accountant selected by the annual members’ meeting. You can, of course, completely download the 2018 financial statement (German) examined by the accounting firm Bansbach GmbH, as well as the unlimited audit certificate. You can also find the most important figures, dates, and facts about our work during the past business year on pages 38-51 in our progress report (German).

German Doctors help worldwide

We believe in the right of every human being to get medical care no matter their origin. Therefore our volunteer German Doctors offer medical treatments in developing countries for the poorest of the poor. Whether people infected with HIV, undernourished children deficiency syndromes or people with chronic diseases, we help everyone who needs help.

Our doctors work during their annual leave or retirement for a period of six weeks and waive any compensation. More than 7000 missions with more than 3200 doctors were completed since 1983.