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Whether external donation, endowment funds, endowment loan, or a personal foundation, there are completely new perspectives for your engagement. Contact us!

External donation - what is it?

Not everyone interested in an endowment needs to establish a new foundation with its own purpose. There exist reliable foundations which already cover the purposes of someone who wants to make an endowment and have comprehensive experience in the respective area, as well as an effective organization. An external donation is a donation which remains in the assets of the foundation. Only the accruing interest is used for the statutory purposes of the foundation. Thereby the amounts continually increase and enable the foundation to function over many years. This is different from a donation, which is paid directly into project work. An external donation can be made during your lifetime or be set out in your testament.

How does an endowment loan work?

An endowment loan is legally a classical loan. However, the lender provides the charitable foundation an agreed amount of money without interest. The foundation invests this money and uses the incurring interest to achieve its purposes. It is also obligated to pay back the provided sum in full if there is notice of termination or a time limit has been reached.

What is an endowment fund?

An endowment fund is a sum of money provided by a donor for a certain purpose. This sum of money is not imbedded in an independent or legally dependent foundation, but is only a separate asset in a different foundation. You can set up a “small foundation” under the governing body of the German Doctors Foundation. Endowment funds are more flexible than ‘normel’ foundations: changes and be made quickly and are uncomplicated. You can choose the purpose, and the assets can be liquidated when needed. An endowment fund is also convenient if the planned sum of the donation is too small, making a separate foundation unreasonable.

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German Doctors foundation

The dependent German Doctors Foundation has existed since March 31, 2002. It has no legal capacity and is administered as a trust of the non-profit association German Doctors e.V. with headquarters in Bonn, Germany. The purpose of the foundation is to achieve exclusive and immediate charitable works by ideal and material support.

Bank account of the German Doctors Foundation:

Evangelische Kreditgenossenschaft eG
IBAN: DE42 5206 0410 0004 8088 00

Irmgard and Joachim Schlößer foundation

This foundation was founded by the married couple Schlößer on August 20, 2005, as a foundation with no legal capacity administered as a trust by the German Doctors e.V. with headquarters in Bonn. The trustee represents the foundation legally and extrajudicially.

The purpose of the foundation is to alleviate poverty, hardship and suffering of needy people. This is achieved especially through ideal and material support aimed to achieve the sustainable and exclusively charitable purposes of the German Doctors e. V. and the religious Order of the Poor Brothers of Holy Franziscus Social Works e.V.

German Doctors help worldwide

We believe in the right of every human being to get medical care no matter their origin. Therefore our volunteer German Doctors offer medical treatments in developing countries for the poorest of the poor. Whether people infected with HIV, undernourished children deficiency syndromes or people with chronic diseases, we help everyone who needs help.

Our doctors work during their annual leave or retirement for a period of six weeks and waive any compensation. More than 7000 missions with more than 3200 doctors were completed since 1983.