Eric Wainaina supports German Doctors

Eric Wainaina supports German Doctors

Eric Wainaina supports German Doctors

Eric Wainaina supports German Doctors

Charity-Song "Gegenwind"

Kenyan pop singer Eric Wainaina has re-released one of his most famous songs – "Rain On You" – for the German Doctors. The German version is entitled "Gegenwind" (headwind) and is intended to give people around the world a bit of hope in times of the Corona pandemic - and thanks to the sales proceeds, which are donated in full, to help the poorest parts of the population in Eric Wainainaina's home country Kenya.

Eric Wainaina - Gegenwind

Eric Wainaina - Gegenwind

Help with music: The proceeds from the sale of the song go directly into the work of the German Doctors in the Mathare Valley slum in Kenya's capital Nairobi. Buy now and help people in need!

How "Gegenwind" came about

Eric Wainaina performing on German

Eric Wainaina is Kenya's most influential pop singer and "Rain On You" is one of his most famous songs. A protest song that calls on people to raise their voice and stand up for justice. Eric Wainaina's collaboration with the German Doctors brought the singer together with the two creative artists Patrick Leuchter and Luis Reichard in spring 2019. Their mission was daring: to develop a German version of the song "Rain On You".

What happened then can be called a great moment. Or simply: Flow. A German version of the song was created, which is no longer recognizable as a simple translation. "Gegenwind" is a song in its own right, which carries the spirit of the original line by line. Eric Wainaina, who doesn't speak a word of German himself, learned the lyrics from the sound of the song and then sang it into the microphone without further ado. Since then the song has been waiting for its moment to be released.

Eric Wainaina in studio

This moment had come in spring 2020. When the Corona Pandemic went around the world, it was soon clear: The song must be released because people need encouragement. And should the pandemic reach Kenya, humanitarian aid would be extremely urgent. The proceeds from the release of "Gegenwind" should therefore go to the German Doctors project in Nairobi. The song gives confidence to listeners in Europe and at the same time provides other parts of the world with urgently needed resources. Because, as the lyrics of the song aptly say, "only then will the noise fade away at some point".

The lyrics of "Gegenwind"

Gegenwind Lyrics (Eric Wainaina)


Wie kann die Kerze scheinen, wenn du im Regen stehst?
Sie erlischt und du stehst allein, alleine im Gegenwind.
Wenn niemand den Horizont sieht, da etwas im Wege steht:
Heb den Blick glaube mir, es wird geh’n.

Keiner verlässt sein Haus, wenn immer nur Regen fällt.
Die Transparente sind verstaubt, weil niemand dagegen hält.
Wer kennt das Zauberwort für eine Gegenwelt?
Hör mir zu - wer, wenn nicht du kannst doch geh‘n!

Im Kerzenschein schreibst du wie draußen der Regen rauscht.
Deine Worte trotzen dem Wind, auch wenn keiner der Rede lauscht.
Sing dein Lied auch wenn du glaubst, dass keiner mehr Themen braucht,
denn nur dann, wird irgendwann der Lärm vergeh’n.

Sing dein Lied auch wenn du glaubst, dass keiner mehr Themen braucht,
denn nur dann, wird irgendwann der Lärm vergeh’n.

Heb den Blick, sing dein Lied!

Who we are

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The German Doctors perform voluntary medical missions in developing countries and help where misery is part of everyday life.

The German Doctors e.V. is the name of our organization. We are an internationally active non-governmental organization (NGO) which sends volunteer doctors to projects in the Philippines, India, Bangladesh, Kenya, and Sierra Leone. We advocate a life in dignity and provide healthcare services and training for disadvantaged people in our operational areas. We also strive to improve the health of our patients over the long run through prevention programs, accompanying nutrition programs, and training in hygiene. Our help is available to all individuals, regardless of prestige, ethnic origin, religion, nationality, political conviction, or any other differentiating characteristic.

Our doctors perform missions for 6 weeks either during their annual holidays or after retirement and receive no remuneration. Over 7,500 missions have been performed since 1983. We have been offering our patients continuous help for over 35 years!



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We believe in the right of every human being to get medical care no matter their origin. Therefore our volunteer German Doctors offer medical treatments in developing countries for the poorest of the poor. Whether people infected with HIV, undernourished children deficiency syndromes or people with chronic diseases, we help everyone who needs help.

Our doctors work during their annual leave or retirement for a period of six weeks and waive any compensation. More than 7000 missions with more than 3200 doctors were completed since 1983.