Important questions for your medical mission

Important questions for your medical mission

Important questions for your medical mission

Important questions for your medical mission

Questions and Answers

Is it possible to apply for a specific project?

Yes. However, if you show an interest in several different projects or in our whole programme, this increases the chances of us being able to offer dates to fit you.

Which illnesses are mainly treated?

German Doctors provides general medical care for people who cannot afford to see a doctor. We put a special focus on combatting tuberculosis, AIDS and malnutrition.

What are German Doctors’ criteria for providing treatment?

We only assume the treatment costs for patients who do not have the means to pay for a doctor or for the treatment they need. Diagnostics may only be ordered provided we can pay for the therapeutic measures required in consequence.

How am I insured during a mission?

On request, German Doctors will insure your trip with the occupational insurance association. As a rule, this will cover all the risks a mission might involve, including travel and incidents en route. However, accidents and sickness on non-workdays and illnesses not related to your actual work are excluded (examples: a heart attack while at work is not covered; malaria or HIV contracted during work is covered; an accident during a weekend off is not covered).

Can I take my family/partner when I go on a mission?

No, because we encourage the doctors to form groups among themselves. Unless of course both work as doctors on a project. It often happens though that partners go out to the project location before or after the mission for a holiday together. Of course, you can take the opportunity to visit the project then as well.

Are there age limits for going on missions?

The maximum age for a first mission is 70 years of age. The maximum age for doctors who have already been out on a mission is 74 years of age.

German Doctors help worldwide

We believe in the right of every human being to get medical care no matter their origin. Therefore our volunteer German Doctors offer medical treatments in developing countries for the poorest of the poor. Whether people infected with HIV, undernourished children deficiency syndromes or people with chronic diseases, we help everyone who needs help.

Our doctors work during their annual leave or retirement for a period of six weeks and waive any compensation. More than 7000 missions with more than 3200 doctors were completed since 1983.